Thursday, August 14, 2008

Zombie Invasion: Waco

Alright, so the summer break has left me with a little bit of free time and a little bit of cabin fever. Being secluded in the confines of my Waco apartment has got me thinking about the outside world, and how scary it can actually be. With this line of thinking in mind, I created a tool that might be useful for other Wacoans who are as paranoid but also as pragmatic as myself.

Zombie Invasion: Waco. When the zombies come (and we all know they will), this map, still a work in progress, may be a handy tool in planning your zombie apocalypse survival strategy right here in Central Texas. I've marked some of the main points of interest, as well as some areas to avoid and some potential useful places that may or may not be accessible in the midst of a full-on zombie invasion. Enjoy!

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