Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brother, can you spare $3000?

Alright, so I've always been interested in getting a motorcycle at some point. The idea of driving around all the time in a giant truck that gets terrible gas mileage really annoys me, especially considering that at least 90% of my driving is single-passenger short trips where I don't need to carry anything. It's just a means from getting from one point to another. So recently I've been looking into what it would entail to get a motorcycle. I finally narrowed it down to the type of bike I'd like to get, how much it would cost in maintenance, administrative fees (licensing, safety course, insurance, etc.), accessories like a helmet and some good saddlebags, and gas. I figure that getting a bike, all said and done, will probably cost me around $75 a month plus $3000 to get a decent, reliable, gas-friendly bike that doesn't require a lot of maintenance and isn't some huge beast that makes all kinds of noise and isn't much different than a small car. The $75 is pretty feasible considering how little I spend on general living expenses, but coming up with $3000 is another story. So, I've been pondering different strategies for coming up with the money. I'd prefer to raise it in a year or less, and taking out an extra 3 grand in student loans is out- I'll be getting enough of those as it is, so adding to that for an (arguably) unnecessary expenditure isn't really a good idea. I've got a few things I can sell that I definitely wouldn't miss, but I don't have that much stuff as it is so I can't count on sales income for very much.. less than $500, I'm guessing. So that's my conundrum: how to raise $3000 in a year, and how to do so without bending over backwards or making poor financial decisions. Ultimately I see a motorcycle as a responsible purchase, both economically and environmentally, for the type of driving that I do, especially considering that my truck is getting old and maintenance and upkeep is probably going to start going up while reliability will slowly start going down. The question now is how to get there. Any ideas? Donations are accepted, by the way.
1986 Honda VT500 Shadow. Exactly what I'm looking for.

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