Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RNC Speeches Part One: Sarah Palin

While this will be short, I will say that I think Palin's speech was awkward and ill-rehearsed. It was mostly read from a teleprompter, and I found parts of it to be misleading and some of it downright dishonest (example: she denounced the bridge to nowhere as wasteful government spending, even though she supported it during her run for governor and even lobbied for $223 million dollars to be appropriated for it).

Also, her midwest accent is just annoying. Sorry midwesterners, but you sound like America's Canadians. It's just a fact.

I can't wait to see Obama and Biden tear apart McCain and Palin in the debates, when they're actually able to respond to the misrepresentations the GOP keeps parroting (example: Obama's tax plan).

I'll blog about McCain's speech after tomorrow night in more detail, since I'll be taking notes.

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Kimberly said...

right on

...i'd give a more in-depth response but my brain is fried.