Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Taking the Red Pill..

Some big changes are coming down the pike here at Needs Improvement. First, I've decided to get rid of my facebook account. Every day Facebook's marginal utility grows smaller and smaller, and every day its potential for becoming more of a liability than an asset grows larger. Coupled with the constant changes, not to mention being run by a mid-20s jackass, it's time to move on. We've had some great times, sure, but there are other things to focus time on, and a poorly-managed internet distraction isn't one of them right now. Maybe I'll come back one day, who knows, but there have been very few things I've regretted giving up in the past, so we'll see.

Second, the part I'm much more excited about, is the change I'm going through with my desktop. I've had a desktop computer since late 2004, and it's served me well. But lately, it's been running slow, stalling, acting weird, and generally showing signs of fatigue. It's not the hardware, as I've checked it all out and it seems to be fine. Nope, it's the operating system. I've had some good times with Windows XP, but it doesn't have the utility or the appeal that it used to. Since I got a Mac, I've pretty much only used XP to print stuff, and even then it's rare that I print anything at home anymore. So, I've decided to wipe my hard drive (after backing everything up, of course) and install the newest distribution of Ubuntu Linux, 8.04 Hardy Heron. I've used Linux for a while now on a previous laptop, so I'm familiar enough with it to know what I'm doing. I look forward to seeing how much faster my computer operates when it's not burdened by the monolithic Cloverfield monster that is Windows XP. I'll post updates soon on the transition process, which I expect to be pretty minimal. Ubuntu, here I come (again).

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brian said...

The Ubuntu 8.04 is pretty good. I have been playing with it in VMware for a bit now, and it's a pretty good distro.

If I had a desktop anymore that I would use for normal things, I would probably lean towards Linux, because the speed and resource hogging is so much better.

I couldn't handle it for my everday use (i.e. a laptop) though. Maybe 5 years from now, but not today.