Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dedication is a beautiful thing

I came across this video, which has been making the rounds on the ole intartubes as of late. A student artist made a 5 minute animated movie. Impressive, right? Not really. Until you consider that each frame, instead of being a rendered cell, is a fully developed painting. It took 2 years to paint the 6,000 individual paintings used to make the clip. And the music is pretty cool too, if you're into that kind of thing, which I am.

Khoda from Reza Dolatabadi on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Top 50 Albums as of 2009

So, in lieu of being responsible and working, I've been thinking about my top 50 favorite albums. I think I have it narrowed down, so here they are. Although they are numbered, they're really not ranked, I just numbered them so I could remember. The top 10 are my top 10 favorites in no particular order, and the rest are the other 40.

1. Aenima- Tool
2. The Koln Concert- Keith Jarrett*
3. Pet Sounds- The Beach Boys
4. Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs- Derek and the Dominoes
5. Pink Moon- Nick Drake
6. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea- Neutral Milk Hotel
7. The Earth is Not A Cold Dead Place- Explosions in the Sky
8. Idle Moments- Grant Green
9. Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory- Dream Theater
10. Mingus Plays Piano- Charles Mingus
11. Days of the New II- Days of the New
12. 6 and 12 String Guitar- Leo Kottke
13. TP.3 Reloaded- R. Kelly
14. Pictures at an Exhibition- Modeste Mussorgsky
15. Easy Tiger- Ryan Adams
16. March 16-22 1992- Uncle Tupelo*
17. Make Yourself- Incubus
18. Jimi Blues- Jimi Hendrix*
19. Sittin’ Fat Down South- Lil Troy
20. IV- Led Zeppelin
21. Five O’Clock Bells- Lenny Breau
22. Original Broadway Soundtrack- Les Miserables
23. On Promenade- Doug Burr
24. Mezzanine- Massive Attack
25. Anthology 2- The Beatles*
26. 12 Songs- Neil Diamond
27. Duke Ellington- Money Jungle
28. 10,000 Days- Tool
29. Songlines- The Derek Trucks Band
30. Gold- Ryan Adams
31. The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady- Charles Mingus
32. Highway 61 Revisited- Bob Dylan
33. Everybody Digs Bill Evans- Bill Evans
34. Live at the Blue Note, Saturday June 4 1994- Keith Jarrett*
35. Suspended Animation- John Petrucci
36. For Django- Joe Pass
37. Decoration Day- The Drive-By Truckers
38. The Grey Album- Danger Mouse
39. On View at the Five Spot Café- Kenny Burrell Quintet*
40. Sisyphus- David Shattock and Phillip Shaw
41. Endtroducing…- DJ Shadow
42. Bubblegum- Mark Lanegan Band
43. The Planets- Holst
44. A Night at the Opera- Queen
45. Sehnsucht- Rammstein
46. At the Monterey International Pop Festival- Ravi Shankar*
47. Moanin’- Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
48. Hittin’ the Note- The Allman Bros. Band
49. Amos Lee- Amos Lee
50. Legend- Bob Marley & The Wailers*

*compilation and/or live album