Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eight Crazy Nights...of Laundry

So I was doing laundry yesterday, and I happened to notice something. I use an off-brand concentrated laundry detergent with no dyes or perfumes, and I noticed that it's made by Brooks. Now you might be wondering what this means. Well, Brooks is sort of like the CVS or Walgreens chain in the Northeast. I moved from New Hampshire to Texas at the end of November 2007. This means that I've been using the same 100 oz. bottle of laundry detergent for A YEAR AND A HALF. WTF?! I do a fair amount of laundry, at least 2-3 loads a week. And I always use the recommended amount for each load, sometimes more if it's an especially large or dirty load. How has my laundry detergent lasted for a year and a half (and there's still at least a month or two left in the bottle as well)? I think it's sort of like Hanukkah. We should create a holiday to celebrate this miraculous event. Only this holiday will last a year and a half, and will be celebrated with the giving of a gift to me every day of the holiday. And booze. Let's get on this. L'CHAIM!

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Jesse Davis said...

I'm going to call you Justin Maccabeus from now on.