Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Week to Alaska

So, I move to Alaska next Thursday, one week from today. I've noticed a few thoughts since making preparations for the trip, among them the possibility of a bear attack. However, some more pressing concerns include the following:

1. Getting to and from Alaska is a pain in the ass. The 3 hour time difference makes scheduling difficult, and the fluctuations in travel conditions due to the recent volcano activity certainly doesn't help anything.

2. Getting around in Alaska is also apparently a pain in the ass. I have to take a flight from Anchorage to Kenai due to the limited bus availability, and once I land, I have to rent a car to get around, since my apartment isn't at the airport.

3. Once I turn the car in, I'm not going to have a way to get around, meaning I'll either have to rely on someone in the office to take me to and from work until the other guys get there, or just take the Shoelace Express until they get there. Which means

4. I will have one shot at the grocery store for a week, meaning I have to plan my meals very carefully to make sure I have an adequate food supply. Or build some hare traps and find some edible mushrooms nearby. However, since I'm convinced that every wild animal or plant in Alaska can and will kill me, I'll try to stick to the meal planning thing for now.

5. I really have no idea what I'm in for. I've never been to Kenai, the information online is pretty limited, and I've prepared a map of the area based on the information I've been able to gather from Google Maps. Even still, I am prepared to be pretty surprised when I get up there. Hopefully I'll find the cord for my camera so I can take plenty of pictures throughout the entire experience.

All that accounted for, I'm pretty excited about the trip, and I look forward to documenting the experience here.

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Sean said...

This is going to make a good movie. Even if it's a documentary.