Friday, May 8, 2009

Great Alaskan Adventure, Day Two

Alright, sorry for the cliffhangers. I meant to update again yesterday, but ended up not getting around to it. So here is the latest news in my quest to conquer, er, I mean experience, Alaska:

- Apparently the sun doesn't go down here. I tried to go to bed at like 9pm last night (keep in mind my body was still on central time), and it was like trying to sleep in the middle of the afternoon. Also, I forgot to turn on the heat last night, so I woke up freezing this morning since apparently it got down to about 28 last night. But, my windows are now tinfoiled, so hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight.

- Fred Meyer, the local equivalent of Walmart, is pretty much the most confusing store ever. Imagine a mall. Now, remove all the individual store walls in the mall, and put a giant checkout center at the front of it. That's pretty much what it's like.

- The public defender's office seems pretty cool. I went by and introduced myself today, and everyone seems nice and there should be a lot of interesting work to do once I start on Monday. Of course I'll expound more on that in the future.

- It's cold up here. Right now it's around 48, but it got up to about 60 this afternoon. That's a far cry from the mid-80s I left behind in Texas (and a welcome change).

- The mountains from across the bay look amazing. I've posted some pictures at the end of this thing and will continue to take more as the days pass.

- I should have internet at my apartment by next week, so hopefully I'll be able to update more often when I don't have to go to a coffee shop.

That's all for now. Here are some pictures that I've taken; I'll try to take some more soon. You can click on the "Alaska 2009" to see them in their proper sizes.

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