Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In These Tough Economic Times...

Ok, so I am really sick of hearing about how shitty the economy is right now. It seems like every single advertisement, talk show, radio program, and newspaper column is about how bad the economy is and how everyone is worried. It's especially bad in the legal community, it seems. With BigLaw firms cutting jobs and slashing salaries, many people are worried that a paradigm shift is occurring that will change the way the legal community does business as a whole. Law students are worried about getting jobs and lawyers are worried about how they're going to pay their mortgages.

My solution? Stop whining.

Frankly, I welcome this change. For many years now, the legal community has been largely an affluent group of individuals making a lot of money for their services. Regardless of whether you feel these services are worth what they charge, few will disagree that lawyers in general tend to be more affluent than others and generally have less money worries than the general population (nb: too many "general"s in that sentence). Even public defenders, who make less than almost all other types of lawyers, generally live ok, if not well. It comes as no surprise to me that an entire profession that enjoys more financial success than most others is suddenly finding that it's not worth as much as it once was. I also find it hard to sympathize with people who have such an upper hand in life (i.e. higher education and greater earning potential) having to deal with the same money and employability issues that the rest of the world faces on a daily basis. While it's not to say that the law profession isn't completely invulnerable to economic downturns, the bottom line is that we are lawyers. The only person that we really have to be hired by is the client. Your law firm may not need your services any more, but stop whining that your life is over and your services are useless. You are well-educated and better off than most people. Quit bitching about it.

/end rant.

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