Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zombie Invasion: Waco

So I saw Zombieland this weekend (review coming soon (hint: thumbs way up)). With that in mind, I decided to repost my zombie map of Waco for those who have tuned in since I first started this blog a year ago. I haven't updated it since then, so I should go back and do that soon since a few things have changed (and those changes could be crucial, depending on the situation). So, here is my guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse in Waco, Texas, USA:

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magnificentvista said...

Still fantastic. Just one thing, though... Hillcrest has changed locations now; it's now out by I-35 and Highway 6.

Justin T. said...

That's one of the changes that could be critical, especially since they're planning on moving some police into the old Hillcrest building. Soon I'll start working on a much larger one for Houston.