Monday, November 23, 2009

Reader Questions Pt. 1

In this installment, which I hope will become a regular feature, I will answer questions from the readers of this blog, so the three of you start thinking of questions to ask me that I can answer. Today's question comes from fellow blogger Micah over at Micah-Circuitry, who asks "Justin T., being a self-professed zombie enthusiast, why haven't you yet reviewed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the seminal mashup that combines Jane Austen's 1813 literary masterpiece with scenes of violent zombie mayhem?" (paraphrased)

Well Micah, here's why. Back in high school, I took an English class with a super cool teacher who had us read all sorts of modern and classic literature. Among these was Pride and Prejudice. I got about 40 pages into it and I just. couldn't. do it. It was soooo boring and tedious. I couldn't make myself care about the inner workings of 19th century English high society, no matter how hard I tried. So, I went to my English teacher with my concerns, telling her that I was probably going to fail the test because I just wouldn't read it and it wasn't worth my time (keep in mind that I was an all-knowing high schooler at the time). She took pity on me, and we worked out a deal wherein I would read 3 Kurt Vonnegut novels in exchange for not having to read Pride and Prejudice. To this day, it remains one of the coolest things a teacher has ever done for me, and I greatly appreciated it. So what does that have to do with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Well, I wouldn't read it back then because it was mind-numbing, but it also didn't contain scenes of violent zombie mayhem throughout the book, as I'm quite sure Jane Austen was not well-versed in the endless battle for global domination against the hordes of the undead.

So here's the deal. I am older, (ostensibly) wiser, and can read a lot faster than I could in high school (thank you law school). And I'm willing to give it another shot, because what kind of zombie enthusiast would I be if I didn't embrace all aspects of the zombie canon? Plus there's a chance that that rascal Mr. Darcy could get eaten, which would certainly liven things up. So, I'm going to borrow the book, probably from Jesse and Diana over at The Davis Firm (oh, fyi guys, I am going to ask to borrow your book) and read it over the Christmas break, when I have a little more free time than I do now. I'll report back with a review once I finish it. And who knows, maybe violent zombie killing will awaken a passion for Victorian Georgian culture within me that has lain dormant all these years. It's ironic how only the undead could bring life to this book for me. Or maybe it's just coincidental, I don't know, but either way I'm going to read it.

Tune in next time for Reader Questions, and if you have any questions you'd like answered, feel free to drop me a line.


Jesse Davis said...

Ha, thanks for the heads up. I'm told there's a whole series of these awesome mash-ups. Also, I'm going to have to think up a Reader Question!

Mark Osler said...

Here is a reader question:

My name is Mark O., and I am a teacher. This quarter, I am teaching a class in Appeals and Habeas that meets at 8 am. It appears that several zombies have registered and are attending the class. They seem undead most of the time, anyways; at times they might actually just be dead. Anyways, do zombies ever do that, where they act normal and lie in wait until the right moment? And, if so, what weapon should I use to take out the zombies attending my class without hurting the others sitting nearby? (inexplicably, it is kind of a packed room)

Thank you for your consideration.