Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Roommates

So recent I seem to have acquired some new roommates. First, there is the dog I recently acquired. Blogosphere, say hello to Gabby, the 2 yr old female miniature schnauzer I adopted from my sister in order to help her out- new babies are never easy. Anyone who'd like to help me with socialization by inviting her over to play with your dogs, please drop me a line in the comments. She's a very docile animal.

The other roommate I've acquired recently is a gecko with its tail missing. This little guy likes to hunt on my bedroom curtains. Until the dog gets sight of it, that is. This makes the second reptile that has made its way into my apartment. I swear to God it's like I live in Vietnam. 

1 comment:

Jesse Davis said...

I guess you know you have a standing invitation at our place...we have plenty of our own geckos, though, so leave ol' stumpy at home. I wonder how he lost that tail.......