Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I fought the law and the law is stupid

Busted. Speed traps are the worst. At least I wasn't distracted while driving.

Screw you, City of Riesel, and your bullshit speed trap revenue booster.

P.S. I think I'd like to start going by "THE VIOLATOR", which is what the label over my name says. Take note.


Micah said...

I like the distinction of your ALLEGED speed. Also, isn't it illegal to pre-print your signature onto the ticket? That's forgery and legal fraud!

William King said...

I enjoy the fact that Riesel uses Hotmail as their email client. What is this, 2001? Can't afford a customized domain? Maybe with your 200+ bucks they can pay godaddy.com and get that fixed.

Jeremy Masten said...

Now wait just a goldarn second, Billie Jean King. It's not that Riesel can't afford a customized domain; it's that they choose to spend those funds on other things.

Like the Riesel Fair.

Justin T. said...

My $200 is going to go to rounding up the feral cats that have mysteriously infiltrated the City of Riesel seemingly overnight. If they're gonna fund their city operations with my blood money then bygod I'm gonna make sure there's a need for those services.