Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's "More Harm Than Good": Parents Television Council

I'm not a parent. I should say that up front because the rest of this blog entry is about parenting, of which I have no first hand experience. But just like you don't need to have ever driven a car to recognize a bad driver, you don't have to be a parent to recognize bad parenting. And today's bad parenting comes from a group called the Parents Television Council. According to their website, the PTC is an organization founded "to ensure that children are not constantly assaulted by sex, violence and profanity on television and in other media." These are the people you read about who bitch and moan to the FCC every time someone says a curse word on television, or any time a show has a plot that focuses around something that they consider to be less than wholesome, or when Janet Jackson's nipple accidentally appears on screen for 9/16th of a second.
If these parents were actually sitting there watching tv with their kids, this organization wouldn't need to exist.
They're in the news today because of a photo spread in GQ featuring some of the cast members of Glee. The Parents Television Council, deeming themselves morally sufficient to sit in judgment of others, have decried this photo spread as being too racy. The photos, which I readily admit are sexually suggestive (link is PG-13), are being ran in the latest issue of GQ, a men's magazine aimed at adults. Apparently, the PTC is concerned that these pictures send the wrong message to kids, who apparently view the show Glee as an amped up version of High School Musical. Now personally, I think Glee is a pretty shitty tv show. The plots are often incoherent, the musical numbers are extremely contrived, and WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THE CHEERLEADERS WEAR THEIR CHEERLEADING UNIFORMS AT ALL TIMES?!? Basically, Glee is Kidz Bop for adults. And that's the key here: GLEE IS MADE FOR ADULTS. The show has featured themes such as homosexuality, losing one's virginity, teen pregnancy, and even featured a scene last season where a character ejaculates in a hot tub. But it's the GQ photos that have the Parents Television Council all up in arms. According to Tim Winter, the organization's president, "[i]t borders on pedophilia."

Let me repeat that. It borders on pedophilia.

Obviously this guy is too busy trying to get his head out of his own ass to realize that both actresses portrayed in the pictures are over 18. In fact, they're both 24. So let's reiterate here. The Parents Television Council is upset because the 24 year old characters of a show featuring plotlines about hot tub ejaculation and losing your virginity are dressed in their underwear in an adult men's magazine.
If they could make sure I never saw this horrible woman on tv ever again, I'd retract everything I said about them.
These are the people that want to decide what you should be allowed to watch on television. I've proposed another solution for Tim Winter: how about you actually be a decent parent for a change and keep your own kids from watching shows you don't approve of? Rather than spending all your energy getting in a hissyfit about what adults are doing and its potential effect on your children (who will most certainly turn out to be normal, well-adjusted adults; that's always what happens when kids are raised in an extremely repressive and draconian environment, right?), how about you actually prevent your own kids from watching shows you find morally objectionable. If you want to "ensure that children are not constantly assaulted by sex, violence and profanity on television and in other media," maybe you should be the one to do it, not the network censors who have to listen to your incessant whining. Perhaps sitting down with your own kid and having a frank discussion about what they're allowed to watch or not watch and WHY is a better approach than a blanket sweep at all television you find objectionable. The PTC claims that "[t]he gratuitous sex, foul language, and violence on TV (along with stories and dialogue that create disdain for authority figures, patriotism, and religion) are having a negative effect on children." You know why children are being affected by this? Because parents like Tim Winters are too busy sitting in front of their computer typing up EMAILS OF OUTRAGE!!! to actually go over and turn off the goddamn television whenever there's a show that doesn't point in the same direction as their ridiculous moral compass. 

So, Tim Winter, here's a message you shouldn't let your children read: FUCK YOU. Get off your stupid moral high horse and go do some actual parenting before your kids go apeshit with rebellion when they get to college. 

Besides, if it gets too bad, you can always turn off the tv and read them stories from the Bible. Afer all, you'd hate for television to expose them to tales of murder, genocide, rape, incest, infanticide, slavery, sexuality, communism, cannibalism, human sacrifice, or bestiality.

Wonder how the PTC would feel if they ever made a Biblical tv show?

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