Friday, November 12, 2010

More Reflections on Death

Today was cloudy and cool in Waco so I decided to take a break from packing and head back over to the cemetery to walk around amongst the dead for a little while. The clouds made all the shadowy areas from the trees more pronounced, and the wind was blowing really hard so the trees were loud. And get this, as I was walking around looking at the graves, I look up and see this solid white wolf running directly at me with no other humans in sight. So you can imagine how freaked out I was that this OBVIOUS omen of death was charging forward to challenge me to an epic showdown for the fate of my moral soul. Turns out it was actually just a white German shepherd that had gotten away from its owners a couple dozen yards away. But still, quite freaky in the moment. Anyway, here are some more interesting photos I took.
This almost looks like a frat boy joke, especially with the fire hat and the mustache.
He's loading speakers for Jesus and Lynyrd Skynrd now.
Dr. Work A. Streeter, Professor Emeritus of Prostitutology and Whore Studies
Some of the graves in this cemetery date back over 100 years. That means that in 100 years, this guy's great-great grandchildren can come and see that he once caught a big bass and owned a gas station. (Disregard the ghost of a white schnauzer)
Good news: you can still be a hoarder even after you die.
During the height of The Lunchmeat Crusades, this man fought valiantly in the Spam War. Semper Fry.
This guy sounds like he was alright.


Jesse Davis said...

This is weird...I met a guy at the liquor store last week who told me about his friend Locke (now deceased) who used to be a stage manager for Willie and with whom he still communes daily over shots of tequila.

Cort said...

I'm pretty sure your soul is anything but "moral."

Ahhhh, typo humor.