Saturday, May 14, 2011

And so it was written..

After a week of being buried under a mountain of fan letters, phone calls, emails, canvassers, and picket sign holders, I've finally began to sort out how my millions of fans see this whole blog thing shaking out. Following a strongly worded letter by the political action group known for its brutality and arts lobbying, the Minnesota Institute for Claviers And Horns; Circuitry, better known as M.I.C.A.H.-Circuitry (presumably a place to learn about electrical engineering and music?), I have made the decision to follow its suggestion of the group and implement the following blog structure:

1. Write fairly long posts about things [I] care deeply about maybe every two weeks or so.

2. Post interesting things from elsewhere on the Internet, recent bizarre experiences, etc. about every four or five days.

C. Write awesomely epic posts whenever necessary.

This should serve the purpose of satisfying both my fans and my critics. Actually, wait, who gives a shit about my critics, those guys suck and are losers anyway, they didn't even get invited to Geoff Walsh's graduation party and EVERYBODY got invited to that party, oh my god even that weird kid from history who smells like burritos. 

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Justin T. said...

Looks like I've got a topic for an upcoming post.