Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Meals

The other day I revisited a site I remembered visiting several times back in college. It was the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's website. Specifically, the list of last meal requests of executed offenders. I find it morbidly fascinating to peruse the final requests of these state of Texas condemnees. I think about what events in this person's life are so interconnected with these foods that at their dernier repas they would request them. Also, it makes me very hungry to browse this website. It was up until sometime in early 2004 and then was taken down for undisclosed reasons. I'm glad sites like the Web Archive exist, helping preserve parts of our culture that may not survive the changing political and social tides as we progress. Each inmate also has information available about their crimes, their backgrounds, and their personal histories. I encourage you to check out this site and see one small aspect of the political death machine that is capital punishment in Texas.

Alva Curry
Convicted of robbery and murder
Executed January 28, 2003
Last meal request: Chicken fried steak, country gravy, hot buttered corn, mashed potatoes, hot buttered rolls, hot apple pie, vanilla ice cream, tea

Sammy Felder, Jr.
Convicted of murder 1976, conviction overturned by 5th circuit, convicted of murder again 1986.
Executed December 15, 1999
Last meal request: 1/2 pound of chitterlings, fried chicken (dark meat), 10 slices of bacon, 1 raw onion, fried shrimp, peach cobbler, 1 pitcher of whole milk


My last meal: 12 buffalo wings (6 extra hot, 6 hawaiian), Chips & salsa, strawberry cheesecake, 20 oz. Dr. Pepper.

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