Saturday, July 2, 2011

A movie I "Saw" this weekend

So I "Saw" a movie this weekend that I wanted to review. The basic plot is something like this: An older, mentally unstable man decides to take his future in his own hands.  He does this by staging an elaborate game in which he gathers 5 participants together, each unaware that they are all actually competing against each other in a sadistic game. The mysterious place he brings them to is filled with all sorts of tricks, illusions, and puzzles, like nothing they've ever seen or experienced in their lives.

 The participants are not told the real reason they've been gathered together. What little bits of information they do manage to get from the old man are cryptic phrases and nonsensical riddles, often delivered through a tiny man with a strangely-colored face and a crazy voice. One by one, each participant falls victim to some sort of trap or tragedy, as each one succumbs to their own vices and is lost to the madness of the psychotic host's sick twisted game. As the clock runs out, one participant is finally able to figure out the game and "wins," but in an unexpected plot twist he becomes the man's apprentice, chosen as the lone survivor to carry on his legacy. The movie ends with a shot of the psycho host and the "winner," letting the viewer know that the real story has only just begun...

That being said, I think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a movie that everyone should see.

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