Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Movie Review: Blue vs. White

I happened to catch a movie on tv this weekend so I thought I'd review it. The premise of the movie is pretty simple: There's a guy named Sully who works for this company. This company is all about resource allocation- specifically, there's a resource--an energy source--that belongs to another intelligent species. This resource is one of the most valuable energy sources available, and it's only available within the habitat of the other species. And this company wants it.

So our guy Sully, he's blue by the way, so  he infiltrates the "other" world in order to help his company get this energy source. The problem arises when he realizes that this species is much more like himself than he ever imagined. He looks into their eyes, he sees their fear, their feelings, their longing for joy. And he begins to sympathize with them. This obviously makes his company unhappy, and they turn on him. What was once an exploratory mission to gather resources becomes a manhunt. Sully is wanted for aiding and abetting the enemy, putting his entire company's operations at risk.

The movie comes to a climax when our hero boldly rebels against his people and chooses to align himself with the "others," resulting in his discovery of a resource far greater than any his company ever sought. Sully has finally realized his purpose in life and can pursue his dreams in cooperation with the people he once feared.

All in all, I think Monsters, Inc. was a pretty decent film.

h/t to Micah-Circuitry for the idea.


Kimberly said...

the title + reference to a blue guy + recent activities led me to believe that we were talking about halo

Micah said...

This is pretty amazing. Really, you should be doing these for a living and just be a law-talkin' guy on the side.