Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Blog Address/Title

Well, I was having some problems with my other blog, Needs Improvement, namely a strange redirect issue with that I can't seem to figure out. After I messed with it until I'd had enough, I decided the easiest thing to do (because I am lazy) would be to export all my old posts to a new address. So this is the end result, Uphill Both Ways In The Snow. I find it appropriate because I live in Alaska, for one, and because I sometimes find myself realizing how petty my "problems" really are most of the time. So things should progress as usual on the new site, and I apologize for making all 12 of you take 15 seconds to update your bookmarks/rss feeds. After about a week or so to allow for the updating of bookmarks, etc., I'll delete the other blog entirely.

Update: it appears not all of the comments from the old blog made it over in the import process. So it goes. Caveat emptor, reader.

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