Saturday, September 10, 2011

A trip to the used bookstore

One of my favorite ways to pass the time on a Saturday afternoon is to browse the aisles of my local hometown used bookstore. Recycled Books in Denton, TX is my favorite used bookstore of all time, but there have been many others along the way, including the local favorite, Title Wave Books here in sunny Anchorage, Alaska. So I decided to head over to Title Wave this afternoon and see what kind of interesting books they had to offer. Here are some of the things I found.

This book was packaged along with "Microwave Cooking for One" and "Stop Thinking About Suicide!" as part of some kind of 3-for-1 special. 

It was pretty enjoyable except for all the racial slurs. What is this, Tom Sawyer? Rating: A-

They offer a wide selection of books for the aspiring horse owner.

They also stock books for those whose horse owning isn't going as smoothly as they'd hoped.

Different approaches to horse problem solving are covered as well. 

They even have you covered if your horse problems go horribly wrong and somehow cause the horses to overtake society in a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

So THAT'S what those things are, Bears. I was really starting to wonder why these giant brown dogs seemed so pissed off every time I tried to pet them. Thanks, Title Wave!

I've ordered The Complete Guide to Breathing and An Idiot's Guide to Sleeping on Amazon.

This is a rare copy of Mark Osler's first book, detailing his little-known and short-lived career as a defensive back for the Detroit Lions prior to going to law school. At least he kept the hairstyle and glasses.

If you look close enough, you can see the snake's vestigial legs hiding behind Ken Ham's evidence.

This was the weirdest book about the Boy Scouts of America that I've ever come across.

This was a much better choice than its sequel, "World's Most Neglected Horses."

Turns out I've been pre-approved at a 2.7% APR! Shit that is a good APR.

Gay NASCAR Romantic Fantasy is a small but burgeoning literary subgenre.

Sexually Repressed Prosecutor Fiction is an even smaller subgenre of erotic literature.

This is a novelization of that Stevel Seagal movie. You know, every Steven Seagal movie.

Unexpectedly, this was actually a rather disturbing recipe book.

This is probably the least scary horror title I've ever seen.

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