Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not Guilty, All Counts

I'm sure a seasoned trial attorney like Mark Bennett would write an insightful, thought-provoking, instructional post about a trial victory, and maybe I'll do that eventually. Until then, this is all I have to say:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Year Later

About a year ago, Kim and I adopted a small cat that our friends over at The Davis Firm found abandoned in their yard. We didn't know what breed he was, maybe a Maine Coon with those jowls, maybe a Russian Blue with the coloring, maybe a Chartreux, who knows, but he was cute as shit so we decided to adopt him (some might say somewhat impulsively). This is what he looked like when we brought him home:
3 lbs. of fury. Sort of like the cat version of Fievel.
It's been around a year, and during that time, young Link has developed into quite an interesting cat. A 10 lb. ruthless hunter and predator, unapologetic destroyer of no less than FIVE $80-a-pop Macbook power cords (see bottom of this post for cat-friendly solution), best friend and sparring partner of Gabby the dog, biological warfare attack advocate of litterbox reform, houseplant epicurean, and leading importer of belly rubs in the Alaska/Yukon Territory region. He has lived in Waco, Texas; in Paramus, New Jersey, and in Anchorage, Alaska. So one year later, I am happy to report that Link has settled in and has become a welcome member of our family and we're glad to have brought him aboard the Good Ship WTF. Here are some pictures of the one year old leader of Hyrule:
Well, I found your problem. It's right down there. Let me just grab it for you.
The hero Cat Gotham needs, not the hero it deserves.
Yin and Yang.
I CANNOT emphasize enough how much he did NOT enjoy trying on the dog's winter sweater.

Just a couple of spoons in the drawer.
Glad you're around, Link. Now stop running around like a psychopath at 2 o'clock in the morning for no reason whatsoever.

*Cat-friendly power cord chewing solution: buy about 8-12 feet of standard airline aquarium tubing at Petsmart or Walmart for $6 or so. cut two pieces of tubing to the length of the power cord. run a knife along the inside of the airline tubing to cut it along its length (hot dog style). wrap the airline tubing around the power cord. Wrap the second length of airline tubing around the first one, it won't cover it completely but it will stay in place with no problem. Use a little glue here and there to keep the two layers of airline tubing together.