Friday, February 17, 2012

A movie about a Beauty and a Beast

This weekend I saw a movie that I thought I would review here. It was about a Beast with vicious fangs trapped under a cruel curse who falls in love with a mysterious and brainy Beauty. This beauty is living alone with her father in a quaint rural town, an outcast who keeps to herself amidst the hushed whispers among the townspeople. Eventually she meets a Beast after he saves her life with his bare hands. He even fights off a vicious pack of wolves!
I said fuck off, wolf!
She doesn't trust the Beast at first, but through much questioning she learns his true nature and that he is much older than he appears due to his curse. He brings her back to his place and she meets the rest of his family, who enchant her with their exotic ways. Eventually the Beauty falls in love with the Beast, but trouble is brewing. A well-known hunter has set his sights on the Beauty, and he sets out to capture the beauty and destroy the Beast.
The Beast must risk his life in a violent showdown with the hunter in order to protect the Beauty that he loves.

In the end the Beauty and the Beast are reunited, and as she gazes upon his pale white face, she knows that they will be together forever. 

All in all, I thought Twilight was an ok movie.

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