Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Lawyer in Town

There's a new lawyer in town, and his name is Dog. Lawyer Dog, to be precise. He is a ferocious litigator and will leave no bone unburied in trying your case! Joseph Rakofsky and Charles Carreon should take note of the last two and hire Lawyer Dog immediately!

More reality shows I'd like to see

Guess That Milk
Man is the guy on the left going to be surprised!

This fall on ABC, meet the in-your-face challenge that's dairy-licious... Guess That Milk! The game is simple: Contestants drink 3 quarts of milk from an unknown animal, and have to guess what animal it came from. Be prepared to be blown away as contestants attempt to identify milk from all across the spectrum of nature, including cow, goat, sheep, human, raccoon, possum, dolphin, and everybody's worst fear, rat! Contestants can win big money by guessing correctly and are allowed to ask questions and be given hints in order to advance to the next round. Bonus points if they can guess the expiration date! Get ready to cheer along on this fall's newest hit, Guess That Milk!

Operation: Methlab
Alright contestants, your ingredients are ready. Get cookin'!

Coming soon to The Science Channel, the high-stakes contest that will leave you with uncontrollable cravings for more, Operation: Methlab. In this thrilling showdown, two teams of contestants will put their heads together to develop a recipe and manufacturing method for methamphetamine. They'll be given the ingredients and the tools they'll need, but it's up to them to work together in order to meet their 5 kg quota by the end of the week. As the deadline nears and tensions rise, conflicts are sure to erupt that put the entire team in jeopardy? Who will advance to the next round, and who will leave the country in shame to start a new life on the run from the cartel kingpin? Find out soon on Operation: Methlab, only on The Science Channel!

Fashion Cat-Astrophes
From meow... me-WOW!

This summer's newest fashion hit is Animal Planet's "Fashion Cat-astrophes!" Based off the popularity of the original TLC series What Not To Wear, Fashion Cat-astrophes takes hapless kitties with terrible fashion senses and shows them how to dress to impress, become stylish and create a unique and fashionable look that suits their individual personalities. Watch cats go from sweater-wearing greeting card fodder to the trendiest cats on the block, this summer only on Animal Planet!

America Banjo Showdown
Lady in the back row with the saxophone, you already lost.
America loves a good old fashioned talent show, which is why this year's newest contest is sure to be a smash hit. This fall on NBC, watch as tensions rise and contestants put it all on the line in the most intense musical competition on tv, American Banjo Showdown! 20 banjo players forced to compete for a shot at playing a showcase on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Watch these pickers go from grinners to gunners as they blast their fingers away in pursuit of being America's next banjo superstar!.

Maximum Security: ADX
23 hours of lockdown means ONE EXPLOSIVE HOUR A DAY OF DRAMA!

This no-holds-barred reality series from SpikeTV follows a group of inmates at ADX Florence, the federal penal system's most maximum security facility. Follow along as tensions heat up among the many famous inmates of ADX Florence, such as Ted Kaczynski, Zacarias Moussaui, traitor Robert Hanssen, and dirty bomber Jose Padilla. Who's the secretive prison playboy who instigates all the problems, and which guard's got the hots for which Al-Qaeda operative? Find out this fall on Maximum Security: ADX, where emotion is the only thing that can't be locked down!

Beetus: Brimley Unchained
There's a lot of things about him we don't know.
Everyone knows Wilford Brimley as the kind old man with diabetes from the Cocoon series, but this spring, America gets to see the truth. E! entertainment television brings you Beetus: Brimley Unchained! Follow the cameras as Wilford Brimley comes unchained, everywhere from the pie shop to the cake shop to the studio to the pie shop on the way home, you'll see America's grandpa stop being Wilford Brimley and start being UNCHAINED!

Going Medieval
She's going to pay the iron price for stealing his sheep's skull like that.

Sometimes the only way to face life's challenges is to go medieval on them! This spring, that's exactly what these contestants are going to do. On ABC's newest reality series, Going Medieval, 10 contestants will spend 50 days living in a medieval compound, with none of the conveniences of modern technology. Follow along as they roast animals, pledge fealty, contract gangrene, and deal with basic sanitation as they spend almost 2 months living in the 14th century. If you think modern life is tough, ABC invites you to get ready to GO MEDIEVAL!

Lights Out
Everyone looks the same in complete darkness. This makes in-house relationships much more complicated.

Can you stand the darkness? This fall on SyFy, the reality series that's guaranteed to leave you up all night: Lights Out. Contestants spend 30 days in a complete darkness. Lights out, windows boarded up, and the clock is ticking. Competitors must adjust to the dark and learn to work together to make it through the 30 days as they eat, clean, complete chores and undertake tasks! Challenges include furniture rearranging, random buzzers and timed safety drill trials, all in total blackness! Will they be able to stay sane? WILL YOU? This fall on SyFy, find out how you'll react........when the lights go out.