Thursday, August 9, 2012

Backyard Paradise

For the first time since moving out of my parents' house, I finally have a backyard attached to my home again. Besides working on sweet karate moves and exercising the dogs, it's become a relaxing practice field where I enjoy one of my favorite hobbies, disc golf. I recently purchased a portable disc golf basket to practice putting and approach in the backyard. This has been far and away the best purchase I've made in years. From the back deck, I can practice putting at distances from 3-10 yards, and from the side of the house I can practice shots up to about 90 feet. The shed in the corner of the yard adds a bonus obstacle, so I can practice throwing around a corner or bouncing a disc off a wall if necessary. Or maybe that's just what I say to justify how often I accidentally hit it.  The other nice thing about the portable target is that most of the State of Alaska is publicly-accessible land. Which means that with a portable target, the entire Alaskan wilderness just became my own personal custom disc golf course. Awwww. Yeah. 

If anyone in the Anchorage area wants to get together for a game, let me know.

Innova Disc Golf Traveler.  Folds up like a camp chair. Only 15 lbs. and worth every penny. 
In hindsight I probably shouldn't have referred to it as "bangin chains" on my resume.
0 out of 9! In North Korea I could be executed for such poor performance.
Long putting practice at 10 pm. Don't worry, it only looks like it's going to go in.
That one actually did go in. Too bad it was Kim who threw it. Damnation!

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