Monday, October 29, 2012

Saved By The Bell episodes that could also be porn titles

I was watching Saved By The Bell on Netflix recently and I realized that the series is full of episode names that could also double as the titles of pornographic films (in several genres, no doubt). I've compiled a list of the episodes of Saved by the Bell that could also be porn titles:

  • Cream for a Day
  • Pinned to the Mat
  • Beauty and the Screech
  • The Friendship Business
  • The Zack Tapes
  • The Babysitters
  • Slater's Friend
  • The Lisa Card
  • Driver's Education
  • House Party
  • Screech's Woman
  • Model Students
  • Aloha Slater
  • Blind Date
  • Rent-A-Pop
  • Jessie's Song
  • 1-900-Crushed
  • From Nurse to Worse
  • The Fabulous Belding Boys
  • The Senior Prom
  • The Wicked Stepbrother (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Miss Bayside
  • Operation Zack
  • The Last Weekend
  • Fake IDs
  • Date Auction
  • Boss Lady
  • All in the Mall
  • Pipe Dreams
  • Hold Me Tight
  • Love Machine
  • The Video Yearbook
  • Snow White and the Seven Dorks
  • Palm Springs Weekend (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Mystery Weekend
  • Zack's Birthday Party
  • Screech's Spaghetti Sauce
  • The New Girl
  • My Boyfriend's Back
  • The Bayside Triangle
  • Day of Detention
  • Teen Line
  • The Masquerade Ball
  • Wrestling with the Future
  • Slater's Sister
  • The Best Summer of my Life
If I told you in 1993 that the guy in the middle would someday put out a sex tape you would never have believed me.

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Sarah McElroy said...

I think "Rent-a-Pop" was probably my favorite, LOL. Oh, the memories.