Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A New Hope for humanity, now in theaters!

Recently I saw a science fiction movie that's been in the news a lot, so I thought I'd review it here on my blog.

The movie was about a guy living on a farm on a dusty planet that doesn't have much to offer in the way of a future. He spends his days dreaming about expertly piloting his aircraft around the skies, while farming and tinkering on robots and robotic farm equipment to put food on the table.

One day, after some routine farming robots go haywire, our hero finds a mysterious message hidden right under his nose.

The hidden message leads him to an old man, who he's surprised to learn knows who he is and knows his backstory. The old man explains that he's been chosen by a Force greater than himself to fulfill his destiny and save his people.

Realizing that he may never see those he loves again, he embarks on a journey across space to help find a way to save his people. His companions include a pair of clunky but functional robots that lighten the mood with witty banter and help provide technical support to the mission.

He joins a rugged but determined crew of individuals who are going to help him on his journey. Using advanced technology, they travel across hyperspace in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

While he's gone, the old man who served as his mentor dies, never getting to see his pupil fulfill his destiny, but knowing he's given him the tools he needs to complete the job.

This young pilot is determined to complete his mission and save his people. But, after a series of seemingly impossible setbacks, it looks like all hope is lost. Our hero, undeterred, decides to allow his intuition to guide him. With the help of his wisecracking mechanical copilot, our hero bravely flies his ship straight into certain doom.

Despite not knowing what was going to happen, he risks his own life and uses his expert piloting skills to send himself and his faithful robot sidekick directly into the most dangerous region in the galaxy.

He learns that the thing that guided him was a force that crosses all dimensions, a force that binds every living theme across space and time. It was this force that our hero learns to harness in order to save his people. The force can guide us, connects us to the past and present and to the people that had a major impact on our lives. It is real, palpable, and something that can be manipulated in the real world.

Once the fracas is over, our hero finds himself reunited with his robot sidekick, who miraculously came out of the ordeal an unlikely victor as well (and unsung hero of the whole effort, really).

He's honored, along with the rest of his crew, and realizing there is much work to be done to save his people, jumps back in his ship to continue venturing out into the great unknown of space.

That said, I thought Interstellar was a great movie.